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Through the effort of our staff, we are to establish and maintain a sound quality management system, provide our customers with better products and services with efficiency, by cautiously selecting our suppliers. In a word, we are making all our efforts to satisfy our customers.

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    N6 chips f...
    Semi-dull N6&nb...
    Bright N6 ...
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    The¡°Qingli¡± trademark has been affirmed
    ¡°QingLi¡± nylon-6 chips is honored with ¡°
    Our company has passed the Certification
    ¡°Nylon 6 fibre-grade semi-dull dry chips
    Our company has passed the Certification
    Semi-dull N6 chips for high-speed spinni...
    Bright N6 chips for high-speed spinning
    N6 chips for conventional spinning
Product Name£º
N6 chips for&nb...
Product Name£º
Semi-dull N6 ch...
Product Name£º
Bright N6 chips...
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